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Get Instant Quote For Your Cars, Vans Or Trucks

It only takes 2 min to evaluate your unwanted cars

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Japanese Wreckers Melbourne

Max cash for minimum trash

At JDM Japanese Wreckers Melbourne, we have an aim to buy those cars which are no longer in a useful condition. It does not matter what is the model of the car or what is its condition or how many kilometers has the engine run. All what matters is that the car must be a Japanese one. Since Japanese cars have a high demand all over the world, we are able to pay you a good amount of cash for wrecked Japanese Cars. You should choose Japanese Car Wreckers Melbourne because we are very clear and honest with our dealing. Neither do we have any hidden costs nor do we have any hidden procedures which we perform with your unwanted car. We sell japanese specification car parts/Japanese car components and give you a good return of your car. We don’t give you the scrap price because you definitely deserve a better one. Both locally and internationally, the Japanese cars and comprehensive Japanese car parts have a high demand. Choose us for the dealing of your Japanese car and you will be satisfied with our dealing hopefully.

Why we want your Japanese Car?

Good question. What is our interest in a car that is completely junk and can no longer be in a useful condition. Well, basically we are simply dismantling japanese cars as we are a professional Japanese car wrecker company. We extract out all the useful components and Japanese auto parts. We also take out anything that requires slight repairing after which it can be in its perfect condition. Once we take out all that is useful for us, we crush the car and sell it for scrap. The useful parts are then sold in markets which give us a good return for it. At JDM Japanese Wreckers Melbourne, this is a very simple and clear procedure that we follow for every Japanese vehicle that comes to us.

Qualifying Imported Japanese Vehicles

At JDM Wreckers Melbourne, there is no fixed criteria for the cars which we buy. In other words, there is a maximum option for our customer since we are highly flexible. We dont say this should be in your car and this should not be. No unnecessary bounding rules exist. The only requirement is that the car must be a Japanese one. Beyond that, nothing matters. The engine quality, the engine sound, the rust and the physical condition. Nothing matters. They do matter when it comes to the price which we will pay you but they will not hinder the decision of us buying your car.

Japanese Car Make

Toyota Wreckers, Suzuki Wreckers, Daihatsu Wreckers, Isuzu Truck Wreckers, Nissan Wreckers, Mitsubishi Wreckers, Hino Wreckers, Subaru Wreckers, Mitsubishi Fuso Wreckers, Honda Wreckers, Mazda Wreckers, Subaru Wreckers, UD Japanese Truck Wreckers Melbourne

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The first step is to give us a call and talk to one of our experts during the business working hours. The expert shall guide you further and would be happy to answer any questions that you have in your mind. Upon satisfaction, you can also request for a free quote and our experts will conduct a meeting at your desired place to inspect the car. Upon inspection, you shall get your free quote. Our team is passionate about keeping Japanese car components in tip-top condition for further use, thus giving customers genuine parts for less. So you can get any Japanese car parts from here at discounted prices.

Get an appointment

Once you are done with step 1, then you have all the time to think and decide whether you are going to sell us your car or not. If you are satisfied with our dealing, you should schedule an appointment as per your convenience. We offer day and night both services since we do realize that many of you may have odd working hours. Other than that, we do offer same day pickup service for the customers who are really busy. All you need to do is to make sure you have no personal belongings in the car before pickup. We also provide quality mechanical servicing.

Get instant cash on the spot

Here comes the best part and that is to receive cash for old cars. Once we take the custody of the car, you will receive instant and on-spot cash for your old car. No bank payments will be involved which is a good thing. Also, the document work will be done by our agents and you don’t even need to worry about that. You need to sign those documents to declare your consent as well as the declaration that you can no longer be held responsible for any unexpected activity of the car. Get cash now. Don’t miss the chance.

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It only takes 2 min to get a free quote for your useless or scrap vehicle. Don’t wait for your car to die. Get Cash on the spot today.

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